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Reliable Service
Mobil Steel International, Inc. works closely with you to deliver quality performance and on-time delivery for steel fabrication projects that focuses on our customers' critical needs.

Flexible Capacity
Mobil Steel International, Inc.'s staff is skilled in industrial and commercial steel fabrication and, with six bays and 80,000 square feet, Mobil Steel has capacity and flexibility to meet or exceed your scheduling requirements.

Quality Service
As one of only a few Houston area steel fabricators to embrace quality certification and to successfully achieve and maintain stringent AISC certification standards, Mobil Steel International, Inc. provides quality and reliable service job-after-job.

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Please contact the main office:

13830 South Wayside Drive
Houston, Texas 77048

Tel: (713) 991-0450

Leonard A. Bedell, President & CEO  
Mark E. Scott, General Manager
Sheri Henry, Human Resource Manager
Winkler Public Relations
Kathy Winkler

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