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Reliable Service
Mobil Steel International, Inc. works closely with you to deliver quality performance and on-time delivery for steel fabrication projects that focuses on our customers' critical needs.

Flexible Capacity
Mobil Steel International, Inc.'s staff is skilled in industrial and commercial steel fabrication and, with six bays and 80,000 square feet, Mobil Steel has capacity and flexibility to meet or exceed your scheduling requirements.

Quality Service
As one of only a few Houston area steel fabricators to embrace quality certification and to successfully achieve and maintain stringent AISC certification standards, Mobil Steel International, Inc. provides quality and reliable service job-after-job.

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Our talented team, state of the art equipment, and spacious facilities provide flexibility for your project. Mobil Steel International, Inc.'s people you every step of the way through your steel fabrication project. Mobil Steel provides ample set-up capacity and a flexible schedule to deliver quality fabrication for your project. Since 1969, Mobil Steel's qualified and dedicated personnel have produced quality steel fabrication that meets our customer's needs and schedule.

  • 6 Covered Bays
  • 80,000 Sq. Ft. Plant Complex
  • Over 5000 Tons of Steel Inventory
  • Over 1,000 Tons Monthly Production Capacity
  • 14 Cranes with Heavy Lifting Capabilities
  • Two Operating Shifts Available
  • Peddinghaus 9 Spindle Drill
  • Peddinghaus Beam Coper
  • Peddinghaus Mitre Saw
  • Peddinghaus Plate Master
  • ESAB Plate Burner
  • Bertsch Angle Roller
  • Ercolina Super Pipe Bender Handles 1” – 2” Pipe
  • IKEDA Radial Arm Drill

We have six covered bays, 80,000 square feet of production and administrative area, storage for more than 5000 tons of steel inventory, and we can work two operating shifts to produce over 1,000 tons monthly production capacity. Our 14 cranes allow us to handle your heaviest loads.

The heart of Mobil Steel's production line features Peddinghaus machines, including a new Peddinghaus 9 Spindle drill that provides productive, accurate multi-spindle drilling and part marking on structural profiles. Our Peddinghaus Beam Coper provides a multi-torch answer for quality, precision cutting and our Peddinghaus Mitre Saw provides clean cuts time-after-time. Our ESAB Computer Controlled Plate Burner is capable of 6-inch thick cut to essentially any shape and an Automated Plate Fabrication process enables production of plate detail for any shape or hole pattern.

Our Peddinghaus Plate Angle Master process delivers accurate production of clips and other items.  Additionally, Mobil Steel features Bertsch Angle and Channel Rolling Capability for platforms, ladders, handrails, and other light fabrication. Our Ercoline 1"-2" Pipe Bender minimizes welded construction and produces unblemished curves. We also feature an IKEDA Radial Arm Drill .  Mobil Steel has invested in respected brand name equipment to enhance our production as we strive to provide our customers quality steel fabrication and on-time delivery.

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