More than 145 brightly painted cars trimmed with chrome wheels and accessories sparkled under the 100 degree sun at the Lion’s Club field in Rosenberg, Texas. One car at the Summer Jam Car Show captured the attention of the judges and many of the estimated 60,000 car enthusiasts who attended the show. Mark Scott’s bright green street-modified Charger drove away with the Best of Show trophy.

Scott, general manager at Mobil Steel International, Inc., a 40-year old Houston steel fabrication company, spent two years making adjustments and enhancements before bringing home the desired trophy. Paying close attention to detail included wearing a wardrobe with shoes to match his green street-modified Charger. The car was judged on technical merits such as the modifications made to the street vehicle – wheels, engine and safety aspects. Judging also included appearance from the look and condition of the paint job to the cleanliness of the exterior and interior, as well as the trunk.

“I spent a lot of time getting it just right. I changed out the exhaust system a number of times and tried several sets of wheels. I constantly searched for perfection – wiping away tiny specs of dust and removing the last bit of wax,” Scott said.

People who work with Scott are not surprised by his pursuit of perfection in the car shows. He applies the same principles he uses to manage operations at Mobil Steel’s steel fabrication shop. “Showing the car is similar to providing the best steel fabrication to our customers. You understand the requirements and you excel in each step toward the final product,” Scott said.

“Mark puts high demands on Mobil Steel’s performance and its production employees by setting a good example,” said Leonard Bedell, president and chief executive officer of Mobil Steel. “His winning the best of show trophy is quite an achievement. Mark has had to add a room to his [Pearland] home to hold all his trophies. We are proud of Mark.”

Scott is driven by the pursuit of quality – at Mobil Steel International, Inc. and the car shows.

Leonard Bedell, Mobil Steel president & CEO, joins Mark Scott (right) in showing off the modified-street Charger that won Scott the Best of Show trophy in the Rosenberg Lion’s Club Summer Jam Car Show.