HOUSTON (November 30, 2016) – Mobil Steel International, Inc. received its 11th consecutive American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) quality certification renewal earlier this month, reaffirming Mobil Steel’s commitment to producing quality steel fabrication. AISC certification is the recognized international quality certification program for the structural steel industry. Earning the annual certification highlights that Mobil Steel meets rigorous and recently enhanced industry standards designed to ensure quality structural steel fabrication.

According to AISC, its thorough certification process confirms that companies have personnel, knowledge, experience, processes and equipment to produce required quality of work. Only 11 Houston steel fabrication companies and 72 in Texas are certified by AISC.

“AISC quality certification differentiates Mobil Steel from our competitors and provides us an advantage that our customers recognize,” said Leonard A. Bedell, President and CEO of Mobil Steel. Initially certified in 2001, Mobil Steel completed a diligent re-certification process in 2006 to demonstrate its commitment to quality and to differentiate itself in the steel fabrication industry. Every year since, Mobil Steel has maintained the AISC certification.

AISC Adds ISO-style Criteria to Quality Audit and Certification Process

Bedell was quick to point out that the AISC certification process has evolved and now mirrors ISO criteria. “AISC enhanced their quality standard by revising the audit program to mirror the latest ISO criteria. This is an additional test of our skills, processes and commitment to quality,” said Bedell.

Bedell announced the most recent AISC certification to his employee team and expressed his appreciation for their dedication to achieving 11 consecutive years of quality certification. “Each and every day, our employees work hard to achieve quality. It is rewarding when that effort is recognized by our customers, as well as demonstrated and validated in our annual AISC quality certification audit,” said Bedell. “Mobil Steel continues our superior customer service, and our reliable and quality steel fabrication.”

AISC labels steel fabrication as the heart of the structural steel supply chain due to controlled conditions ensuring consistently high-quality products, along with the reduction or elimination of errors and fixes at the job site. “The AISC Quality…Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized international quality Certification program for the building…industry,” notes Todd Alwood, AISC’s Manager of Certification Business Development.

Mobil Steel ramped up for the challenge of an enhanced certification process with renewed focus. Michael S. Dunavant, Sr., a project manager and estimator at Mobil Steel, has kept employees focused on meeting growing customer demand for quality steel fabrication through compliance functions and improved awareness of Mobil Steel’s American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) quality certification program.

Bedell attributes Mobil Steel’s continued success in attracting new projects to a reliable, customer-focused business approach and AISC certification that Mobil Steel has maintained throughout its years. “Mobil Steel continues to be an industry leader with our commitment to quality products and a reliable, customer-focused approach.” said Leonard A. Bedell, president and CEO of Mobil Steel.

About Mobil Steel International, Inc.

Mobil Steel International, Inc. fabricates steel used in some of the world’s essential industries: chemical, manufacturing, petroleum, communication, clean fuels, and power utilities, as well as commercial construction. Mobil Steel, which has been at its South Wayside Drive facility in Houston for 47 years, has a production capacity of more than 1,000 tons per month in its 80,000 square feet of plant and office facilities under roof, providing flexibility to manage multiple projects. The 8.5-acre site is located within major freeway access to the refining and petrochemical complex in the Gulf Coast region. Mobil Steel is quality certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Mobil Steel is active in Associated Builders and Contractors,Associated General Contractors, Association of Chemical Industry of Texas, and American Welding Society.  The company is a sponsoring member of Economic Alliance Houston Port Region,  and a member of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce  and Pearland Chamber of Commerce.  Mobil Steel is a registered small business with the Small Business Administration. For information about Mobil Steel visit www.mobilsteel.com.