(HOUSTON, TX) — Mobil Steel International, Inc. announced a restructuring of its senior management team that enables continued performance enhancements at the 38-year old business and improves Mobil Steel’s production capabilities and financial strength to meet the steel fabrication needs of the growing energy, power generation, petrochemical and commercial construction industries.

Leonard A. Bedell, president and chief executive officer of Mobil Steel for the past year, was named to Mobil Steel’s board of directors and joins the company’s ownership as a shareholder. Richard W. Friel was named senior vice president of Mobil Steel and continues his significant operations and business development role within the company. Mark E. Scott was named general manager of Mobil Steel.

Mobil Steel’s board and shareholders recognized Bedell for his efforts in improving the company’s production efficiencies, contract procurement and financial strength, as well as customer service and vendor partnerships. Bedell has focused on initiatives that help Mobil Steel’s personnel improve operational efficiencies, customer delivery schedules, and vendor partner relationships. Mobil Steel recently added substantial employee benefits, including paid insurance and matching 401(K) and profit sharing plans, to retain and recruit key personnel.

Bedell brings more than 30 years of management experience to Mobil Steel, including significant expertise in construction and production management disciplines. As senior vice president, Friel will oversee business development, job scheduling and contract administration. Friel has spent his entire 40 year career in the steel manufacturing and fabrication industry with more than a decade at Mobil Steel.

Scott rejoined Mobil Steel earlier this year after several leadership stints at major steel fabrication and erection companies. Scott literally grew up in the steel fabrication industry at Mobil Steel, where his father was a quality control inspector. While attending school, Scott worked part-time at Mobil Steel until graduation. Shortly thereafter, he earned his certification as a welder and began working his way up through the supervisory ranks at Mobil Steel. Scott worked in management positions at other fabrication and erection companies in the Houston area before rejoining Mobil Steel in February 2006 as a project manager.

“These management changes enable Mobil Steel to position our personnel and resources to improve our goal of meeting and exceeding our customers’ required scheduling and quality of product,” Bedell said.

In 2006, Mobil Steel emerged as a growing steel fabricator helping meet owner and contractor requirements for projects in the petroleum, petrochemical, refining and other industrial and commercial industries.

“In an ever-changing economic environment, Mobil Steel has demonstrated that we can meet the production requirements of our customers with continuously improved quality and ontime delivery,” Bedell said. “Our employees and vendor partners have created a momentum that will propel Mobil Steel into a successful new year.”

Mobil Steel has production capacity of 1,100 tons per month in its 80,000 square feet of plant facilities under roof. The 8.5-acre site on South Wayside is conveniently located within major freeway access to the refining and petrochemical complex in Harris and Galveston counties.

Mobil Steel is a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction, Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors, and the American Welding Society. As a member of these organizations, Mobil Steel qualifies to appear on essential industrial and commercial bid lists within the industry.